About Me

First of all – I am not a fulltime photographer. I consider myself as a digital storyteller, a traveller, a music lover on the way to capture the soul of each moment.

I was born in the heart of Switzerland in a small and rural town called Buochs. During a cold and stormy winter night back in 1990, I moved to the capital. I’m living now in Belp, just a few rock throws away.

I studied at the Bale Institute of Technology and got a degree in engineering. That was when I first got in contact with photography. I joined a photography class.

Enjoying the freedom of photography every second of my free time is my approach. As I always say: As a former cyclist I rode for the perfect mountain and now I do it to capture the perfect moment. It’s all about the moment and nothing else! Basta!

My photographic work is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. It is the way by which I choose to get in touch with the people, things, and world around me. I am fascinated by exploring the world, seeing the world through my eyes, different countries, music festivals, life and joy. My experiences are both a source of pain and joy – my source of seeing and inspiration. They are what I snap into when creating my photography.

Gear? I own a Canon EOS-5D MKIII, a Fujifilm X100s and a Sony A7 II. And a few Specialized bikes!

Please read also my artist statement.

Sincerely, Josef “Joe” Bürgi

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