Interview – Inspired Eye Magazine

My interview for the Inspired Eye Magazine #94 came out today and covers a few images and questions about the series “Shipyard Workers of Dhaka”. Many thanks to Don Springer and Olivier Doung.

You can either sign up for the newsletter or buy a magazine subscription ( It’s one of the best magazines I know and a great source of inspiration.

I was visiting Bangladesh in 2020 with GMB Akash ( on a 1:1 Workshop. He is an award winning photographer / photo journalist and his skills are excellent. He contributed to many international magazines.

Inspired Eye is a monthly street photography magazine. It’s claim is: Shoot better street photography, fast, by spending 10 minutes a day with Inspired Eye Street Photography Magazine & it’s monthly video insights. The monthly fresh interviews keep your creativity alive while the insights video reveals insider secrets so that you can crank up truly remarkable street photography.